Is it wrong to enjoy a life that is still not perfect by all our standards?

We have learned to delay our pleasures until we fully deserve them. Until the homework is done, we can’t play. If we haven’t passed with five, we can’t go on vacation. If we haven’t achieved everything we set out to do, are we allowed to relax and enjoy ourselves?

Our mind is focused on everything we haven’t done, and with each completed item and completed list, we create a new one and so our life goes from one list to another, and we remain forever in pursuit of what we haven’t (yet) achieved.

Does it have to be perfect?

If we understand that we are the masters of our mind, not it of us, we know that we can stop it when it runs into tomorrow and tries to control everything that comes with worry. We can pull him by the sleeve and direct him to notice everything that is in the moment. That moment may not be according to all the standards we have set for ourselves, but it is the only one we have for sure. Why don’t we take a deep breath and feel it, experience and live everything it brings us. There is no point in living in the future, living through the worries and fears of what tomorrow might bring or listening to the sergeant give us a list of everything we need to do.

We should dare to “get out of our heads” and live at least one (im)perfect moment. Maybe it’s just the smell of the finest cakes that we adored as children or the taste of freshly squeezed lemonade that strengthens not only our body but also our soul. Maybe those cakes are not as perfect as the ones made by our grandmother, and the lemonade is not served in the most beautiful glass in the garden that we dreamed of having as children. This does not prevent us from enjoying all of it.

Are trophies eternal?

Maybe instead of sipping coffee “off your feet” every morning and escaping into a new day, enjoy every sip of it. Instead of being focused on the words of your loved ones, listen to their voice, feel their presence in your life. We take a lot of things for granted because we are “conquerors”. We keep what we have like a trophy on the shelf while we are in pursuit of new, brighter things. And we are not aware that trophies can easily disappear from our lives, if we do not value them.

Perhaps you are not one of those who live in the future, but prefer to choose the past and daily spin the tape of the most important moments that, for good or bad reasons, keep you a prisoner of the past. Whatever the reason, the past is over, the only moment you have is this. Why watch an old movie when you can participate in the production of a new one and create something even better and more beautiful to watch in the future.?

The beauty of “unfinished business”

Are you bothered by everything you start and don’t finish? Is it so sinful to be “in the process” of achieving everything we want? Is it so wrong to enjoy the (im)perfect moment and be proud of everything we have achieved so far, knowing that something even better awaits us in the future?

Can you feel that moment and imbue it with gratitude for being exactly where you are and with whom you are? Whatever you think about the current situation and however much “unfinished business” remains in your life, be grateful because you have something to work on. You have your life, your heart, people who love you and everything that makes you who you are today.

Is it so wrong to enjoy it before the end? Before you finish your homework, pass an exam, finish your homework and finally – finish your journey on this earth?

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