Be rest assured that if your diet is good, half of your mission is already accomplished. The second half would encompass rigorous workouts and exercises every day, says Freak Fighter Pro wrestler, Prince Aadvanshi.

Also known as the King of Aggression, Prince Aadvanshi together with two others is the brainchild behind the Indian version of WWE fighting league. An obvious fitness enthusiast and a gym instructor, he helps people from diverse backgrounds to get into shape, build their bodies and maintain a healthy physique. For him, fitness starts with the right attitude and meticulous training.

In order to start building your body, you must first have a thorough understanding of your body type and what end result you require. While some may be interested in losing weight, others may want to build muscles and bulk up. Your fitness regime would depend on the end result. If you are an amateur with little or no experience in bodybuilding, it is best to take the guidance of an expert trainer to ensure that the efforts you put in, take shape right from the beginning.

Working Towards a Great Physique

The secret behind a great physique is hours of rigorous workouts coupled with a nutrition-loaded and protein-rich diet. Depending on your body plan, you can take the guidance of a nutrition expert about the various supplements you would need to fulfil your nutritional requirements for building body mass.

Before you start the bodybuilding regime, sit with your instructor and chart out a proper diet plan and workout regime to suit your body type and fitness needs. It is important that you follow the regime meticulously for the desired result. Ensure that you get adequate rest and are free from stress and anxiety. For a great body, a well-rested and stress-free mind is an important contributing factor.

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