With the new Godzilla movie set to open, a chart depicts how massive the mythical creature is, and how his very existence would defy the laws of nature.
The new Godzilla movie is set to open on Friday, so a Popular Mechanics writer did what any dedicated fan would do: ask a bunch of scientists to show how improbable such a beast would be.
According to the analysis, Godzilla would weigh in at a head-spinning 164,000 tons, 150 to 1,500 times the theoretical weight limit for land animals. By contrast, the Argenitosaurus, the largest dinosaur to ever roam the Earth, weighed a comparatively paltry 100 tons and measured just 70 feet tall. Godzilla would eat the Argenitosaurus for breakfast and still be hungry by noon.
Of course, if he were real, Godzilla's bones would need to be stronger than some titanium alloys to support his enormous heft. But, you know, details.
Here's hoping whoever's charged with trying to stop Godzilla in the new Godzilla movie gives up before he's crushed under those massive, 164,000 ton-carrying feet. You can watch Godzilla in action starting Friday in theaters nationwide.