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Also, how many pancakes could you make with a pair of D–cups’ weight in batter?

While there’s definitely a fashion element to the marketing of lingerie, intimate apparel maker Genie’s primary goal is to provide comfortable bras for its customers. To illustrate just how important proper support is, the Japanese division of the U.S.-based company has come up with some unique ways to help people conceptualize the strain a woman’s breasts can put on her shoulders, neck, and back.
According to Genie, a pair of A-cup breasts weigh 326.3 grams (11.5 ounces). Just in case those numbers are hard for you to get a feel for, the company also says that A-cups are as heavy as a pair of chipmunks.
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As a matter of fact, Genie has calculated the weights and animal kingdom equivalents for a variety of bust sizes:
A-cups: 236.3 grams, or two chipmunks
B-cups: 447.5 grams, or five cockatiels
C-cups: 531.3 grams, or one newborn polar bear cub
D-cups: 758.8 grams, or one wigeon duck
E-cups: 1,006.4 grams, or one Netherland Dwarf rabbit
F-cups: 1,180 grams, or one three-month-old Persian kitten
If that still doesn’t paint a clear enough picture for you, Genie can also express the potential burden of a woman’s breasts on her body in another way. If you took the weight of a woman’s breasts, then mixed that weight in water with pancake mix, how many pancakes could you make?
▼ Breakfast time!
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● A-cups: 11 pancakes
● B-cups: 15 pancakes
● C-cups: 18 pancakes
● D-cups: 25 pancakes
● E-cups: 34 pancakes
● F-cups: 39 pancakes
These may be odd comparisons, but they definitely show the importance of proper support, even for women with modestly sized chests. They also show the importance of maple syrup when whipping up a stack of pancakes, but that’s sort of unrelated to Genie’s main message.
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