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Current weather conditions obtained from the member stations of the Regional Weather Network


Temperature [ F° ] Humidity [ % ] Wind [ mph ] Rain [ in ] Barometer [ inHg ] Baro Trend

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Current weather conditions at the weather stations

Note: Click on the table column title to change the order of that column's values.

Country Station   Current Condition Temp. Dew Point Humid Wind Gust Rain Pressure Trend
Ontario TorontoClearClear14 C10 C77%1 kmh NENE0.0 mm1010.8 hPaSteady
Quebec MontrealFew CloudsFew Clouds9 C6 C81%0 kmh NNWNNW20.0 mm1010.0 hPaSteady
Connecticut Branford-1ClearClear65 F61 F86%0 mph WNWWNW10.00 in29.82 inHgFalling Slowly
Connecticut ColebrookOvercastOvercast56 F28 F34%0 mph ENEENE0.00 in29.79 inHgSteady
Connecticut HamdenClearClear60 F58 F94%0 mph WSWWSW0.00 in29.82 inHgSteady
Connecticut ShermanClearClear60 F54 F81%0 mph ESEESE0.00 in29.82 inHgFalling Slowly
Maine HermonMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy57 F55 F93%0 mph WW0.00 in29.75 inHgSteady
Maine TurnerMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy57 F57 F98%0 mph NN0.00 in29.80 inHgSteady
Maine York BeachMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy61 F58 F92%5 mph SSWSSW60.00 in29.79 inHgSteady
Massachusetts AuburnPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy60 F56 F86%0 mph WSWWSW0.00 in29.82 inHgSteady
Massachusetts CambridgeMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy68 F59 F73%1 mph SSESSE30.00 in29.74 inHgSteady
Massachusetts LexingtonFew CloudsFew Clouds66 F59 F79%2 mph SSWSSW40.00 in29.73 inHgSteady
Massachusetts LowellFew CloudsFew Clouds62 F58 F86%0 mph --20.00 in29.76 inHgSteady
Massachusetts MedfieldFew CloudsFew Clouds66 F60 F81%3 mph NWNW0.00 in29.87 inHgSteady
Massachusetts Milford Offline
Massachusetts PembrokeClearClear63 F60 F91%0 mph NNENNE0.00 in29.78 inHgSteady
Massachusetts PlymouthClearClear67 F60 F78%4 mph SSWSSW0.00 in29.75 inHgSteady
Rockport Thacher IslandFew CloudsFew Clouds66 F61 F83%11 mph WSWWSW150.00 in29.70 inHgSteady
Massachusetts West WarehamClearClear67 F64 F89%0 mph SWSW10.00 in29.82 inHgSteady
Massachusetts WestminsterClearClear62 F53 F72%4 mph WW50.00 in29.83 inHgSteady
New Hampshire ClaremontOvercastOvercast60 F57 F91%0 mph WSWWSW0.01 in29.67 inHgSteady
New Hampshire FremontMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy55 F52 F90%0 mph WW0.00 in29.78 inHgSteady
New Hampshire LisbonBroken CloudsBroken Clouds57 F57 F100%0 mph NENE0.00 in29.73 inHgSteady
New Hampshire PittsburgPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy51 F51 F100%0 mph WW0.00 in29.90 inHgSteady
New Jersey Hasbrouck HeightsPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy64 F56 F75%0 mph SSWSSW0.00 in29.79 inHgSteady
New Jersey HobokenClearClear67 F58 F72%5 mph SS30.00 in29.90 inHgSteady
New Jersey SuccasunnaClearClear58 F56 F92%0 mph SS0.00 in29.76 inHgSteady
New Jersey SussexOvercastOvercast60 F56 F87%1 mph SWSW30.00 in29.82 inHgSteady
New York ClayOvercastOvercast63 F60 F88%0 mph WSWWSW0.00 in29.75 inHgSteady
New York Colonie Offline
Northport Crab MeadowClearClear67 F60 F77%0 mph SWSW10.00 in29.80 inHgSteady
New York East MasonvillePartly CloudyPartly Cloudy60 F57 F92%0 mph SS0.00 in29.77 inHgSteady
New York ElmaOvercastOvercast62 F60 F93%0 mph WNWWNW0.00 in29.80 inHgSteady
New York ErinPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy62 F57 F84%0 mph WW0.00 in29.78 inHgFalling Slowly
New York FarmingvilleClearClear66 F59 F78%4 mph SWSW50.00 in29.82 inHgSteady
New York HessvilleOvercastOvercast62 F57 F83%6 mph WSWWSW60.00 in29.83 inHgSteady
New York LakewoodOvercastOvercast60 F58 F92%0 mph SS0.00 in29.85 inHgSteady
New York LockportOvercastOvercast61 F59 F91%1 mph ENEENE40.00 in29.81 inHgSteady
New York Long LakeOvercastOvercast56 F55 F97%0 mph SSWSSW0.00 in29.80 inHgSteady
New York NorthportClearClear67 F52 F59%1 mph SS20.00 in29.83 inHgSteady
New York Tarrytown Offline
New York WestmorelandOvercastOvercast63 F62 F96%0 mph WSWWSW0.18 in29.79 inHgSteady
Pennsylvania AllentownClearClear60 F56 F86%0 mph WSWWSW0.00 in29.88 inHgFalling Slowly
Pennsylvania Archbaldlight Rainlight Rain56 F54 F92%0 mph WSWWSW0.00 in29.80 inHgSteady
Pennsylvania Lake WynonahClearClear58 F57 F98%0 mph SWSW0.00 in29.83 inHgFalling Slowly
Pennsylvania Mechanicsburg-2Few CloudsFew Clouds62 F56 F83%1 mph NWNW10.00 in29.83 inHgFalling Slowly
Pennsylvania New HollandClearClear63 F55 F74%0 mph SSESSE0.00 in29.83 inHgFalling Slowly
Pennsylvania Penn Lake ParkOvercastOvercast53 F52 F95%0 mph SS0.00 in29.73 inHgSteady
Pennsylvania PunxsutawneyFew CloudsFew Clouds59 F57 F95%0 mph WNWWNW20.02 in29.87 inHgSteady
Pennsylvania SmethportMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy57 F56 F98%0 mph WSWWSW0.00 in29.86 inHgSteady
Pennsylvania ThornhurstFew CloudsFew Clouds55 F54 F97%0 mph SWSW0.00 in29.85 inHgSteady
Pennsylvania York Offline

Member stations of the Regional Weather Network

Member stations of the Regional Weather Network

This station is proud to be a member of the Regional Weather Network.

Please take a moment to visit other stations on the network by clicking on the map above or clicking on the links below. The stations are displaying the weather conditions: Temperature, dew point, humidity, wind direction and speed/gust speed, today's rain, barometric pressure and trend, current conditions and the name of the city where the weather station is located.

Map data from Affiliated Regional Networks . Original scripts from . Adapted for the Leuven-Template.

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